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Internal Medicine

Medical Assistant taking patient's blood pressure.

Expert Care

As specialists in Internal Medicine at Associated Physicians, LLP, we provide expert primary health care services for adult patients of all ages. We prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses. We support wellness. We provide medical care designed at all times to promote your best health.


Our medical practice is unique. Associated Physicians, LLP has cared for generations of families in Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding communities. We are proud to be part of the city’s longest-serving independent multi-specialty healthcare group. We partner with you for lifelong health, allowing us to get to know you and give you the information and knowledge you need to to be your best at every age.


For adults aged 18 to 88 and beyond, we provide comprehensive primary and preventive care including checkups, annual physicals, prevention and management of adult diseases, and more. And we provide compassionate, effective diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and chronic conditions.

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Services We Provide

We offer the full continuum of care throughout adulthood. We follow our patients not only on an outpatient basis, but also manage their nursing home, and end of life care.


We address preventive health and urgent care needs. We even provide on-site stress tests.


For our patients who are on anticoagulation medication, we have a dedicated nurse, Heather Morrison, who is available during weekday clinic hours. For more information, please visit the Additional Services Page.


When you call, you will always speak with a person.  If applicable to your call, our nurses are available to speak with you. We are dedicated to caring for you.

We have physicians on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and we offer same-day appointments on Saturday mornings from 9:30am-11:30am.

Close Knit Team

Our Internal Medicine team is supported by skilled registered nurses, CMAs, and a variety of adjunct professionals, including physical therapists and nutritionists. 


We’ve worked together for years, so ours is a close-knit team committed to our patients. We place great value on communicating effectively with you and being available when you need us. We offer same-day appointments and Saturday morning appointments. Our colleagues practice obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, podiatry, and other medical specialties, under the same roof. This means that the expert care offered at Associated Physicians, LLP is convenient for your whole family.

Reliable Care

If you have a question about your health, we can help you find the best answer. And if you have a concern, we understand and can help. Your health may have is ups and downs, but your health care never will. That is the promise of the Internal Medicine Department at Associated Physicians, LLP.​

Quality and Transitional Care Management

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate care of the highest quality. Our tight-knit group of physicians team with their nurses and CMAs to make sure that all of your health needs are met. Our Quality Care Manager, Theresa, dedicates herself to continuously monitoring the new care recommendations and coaching our nursing staff on how to best incorporate this into their daily care for patients.


We understand that the transition from hospital to home can be difficult to navigate and we are there to support you through it. Our patients receive a personal call from their physician's nurse after they are discharged home from an inpatient hospitalization. This call provides you with the opportunity to check in and make sure that what you are experiencing is normal. It also allows us to know that you are receiving the home care that you need and assess your need to see your physician.

Please come and visit us soon. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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