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Medical Imaging

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At Associated Physicians, LLP it is our goal to provide comprehensive care for your whole family. An important part of this is our medical imaging department. Whether you need a chest x-ray to help diagnosis a nasty cough or would like to book your mammography alongside your annual GYN exam, our friendly Radiologic Technologists are happy to care for you. We use digital radiology so you can be assured that you are receiving state-of-the-art care right in the comfort of your own doctor's office.


Services We Provide

  • General Imaging/ X-Ray

  • 3D Mammography*

  • Orthopedic Scanning for Custom Orthotic Fitting


*With gynecologists and radiologic technologists working in one convenient location, you can schedule your annual gynecologic exam and mammogram back-to-back.

NO WALK-INS. You must call ahead to schedule an appointment.



Our lab is open Monday through Friday 7:30-5:00.  Please allow time for check-in and note that the doors do not open until 7:30 AM and lock at 5:00 PM.

EDIT: Until further notice, our lab will not open until 8am. NO WALK-INS. You must call ahead to schedule an appointment.


Each physician has a preferred method of communicating lab results; please ask your physician how they will contact you when you are in for your visit.


If you do not receive information regarding your test results within two weeks, please contact your physician or nurse.

Nutrition Counseling

Dietician, Piri Kerr
Piri Kerr, RD
Registered Dietician


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What is the Anticoagulation Clinic?


  • A comprehensive anticoagulation service developed to support our patients on warfarin and other anticoagulants

  • Individualized appointments with an Anticoagulation Nurse

  • Convenient and accurate INR testing utilizing the CoaguChek point-of-care device

Optimizing Your Anticoagulation Therapy

Our Anticoagulation Clinic will offer you an individualized appointment experience.  Our Anticoagulation Nurse will use a quick and accurate method to check your level of anticoagulation medicine and then review and adjust your medication as indicated. 

If you take the drug Warfarin (Coumadin), frequent monitoring of your drug level is vital to maintaining the proper dosage. Utilizing the Coag-Sense system, our Anticoagulation Nurse will perform a Point-Of-Care INR test for you with just a finger stick. Within minutes your INR results will be available and adjustments can be made to your Warfarin (Coumadin) dosing schedule if necessary. During your point-of-care testing, our Anticoagulation Nurse will also provide you with support and educational services regarding your anticoagulation therapy, and methods to reduce your risks while taking this medication.

Convenient, Prompt and Expert Care

Our Anticoagulation Clinic will is here to provide you with convenient, prompt and expert care.  You will no longer be required to have your blood drawn in the lab and then wait to hear your results and treatment plan. Instead, our Anticoagulation Nurse will conduct a simple test during a brief appointment.

Our Anticoagulation Nurse will be able to share your result with you immediately, adjust your dose accordingly, and provide you with supplemental anticoagulation teaching.  She will also follow up with your individual physician and most importantly, be present to support you with any other anticoagulation therapy needs you may have.


Appointments for our Anticoagulation Clinic are available on Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm.  Patients may contact our Anticoagulation Nurse by phone until 5:00 pm each day.


For additional information regarding our Anticoagulation Clinic or to schedule an appointment with our Anticoagulation Nurse, please call 608-233-9746.


By working together, we hope to help you achieve a safer, more desirable lifestyle.

Do you have diabetes and/or hypertension?

We have a brand new app that allows you to break free from the constant appointments and take control of your health! CAREMINDr is a virtual addition to your care team that sends you short surveys about your health (weekly fasting glucose levels, blood pressures, how many days you may have missed medications that week, etc.) and then sends us the results. When received, our nursing team will be able to make sure you are on track and address any concerns without the need for a million appointments!

Please come and visit us soon. We’re looking forward to meeting you!