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Behavioral Health

To reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, call or text 988 or CHAT ONLINE NOW. For immediate safety concerns, call 911.

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Mind and Body

Gil Roth is a licensed psychotherapist and licensed clinical substance abuse counselor who specializes in behavioral health. He plays a key role in helping patients reach and maintain health goals.


“I like to see peoples’ dreams accomplished by helping them move forward with their lives,” he says. “The correlation between mental health and physical wellness is strong, and having a ‘brain coach’ can really help patients face life’s many challenges and develop opportunities for growth.”

Integrated Services

Gil treats adolescent and adult patients dealing with medical, psychological and substance abuse issues, as well as grief. He also works with patients facing co-occurring physical and mental health conditions, such as diabetes or chronic pain coupled with depression. “Identifying and managing symptoms are important ways to optimize wellness and reach health management goals,” he says. “I enjoy providing counseling and behavioral health services to a diverse group of clients and patients because I know the difference this makes in the ability to enjoy life.”


A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Gil earned a graduate degree from UW-Madison. His experience includes developing and providing comprehensive, patient-centered approaches to cognitive behavior therapy, crisis intervention, and addiction treatment.

Focus on Care

Gil credits his colleagues’ commitment to excellence for drawing him to Associated Physicians. “The focus on high-quality patient care and addressing the whole person’s needs is so important,” he says, “and that’s exactly what we do here.”


Patients may need a referral for this service.

We ask that you call your insurance carrier to see what is needed.

CDC's Mental Health Tool: How Right Now

Did you know that the CDC has an interactive mental health tool to help you assess your feelings and needs? It then takes that information and provides you with resources on coping and who to contact to handle a current crisis. Check it out now!

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