Parking at Associated Physicians

Our parking ramp is now open for use! We appreciate all of our patients, staff, and other visitors for bearing with us these past several months. We also want to give a special thanks to our Real Estate Partner Executive Committee and our Executive Director, Terri for their planning and adaptability, as well as to Brandon Jensen and the crew of Tri-North Builders and Andy Kessenich of D.L. Evans for making this incredible project a reality. 


To celebrate the efforts of so many, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, November 22nd where our internist, Dr. Ewalt, said a few words, cut the ceremonial ribbon, and took the inaugural drive into the ramp! ! Check it out.

We will have the current Price Place surface lot across the street available for overflow parking until November 30, 2021.


The new parking ramp has 3 levels:


  • L1 or “Blue” level: The entrance to this level is on Regent Street and has a walkway into the front door of the clinic. This level is for patients and non-staff visitors only. 


  • P1 or “Green” level: The entrance to this level is accessible from either Regent Street or Price Place. This level gives direct access out to a walkway into the lower level of the clinic. This level is for patients and non-staff visitors only. 


  • P2 or “Red” level: This is the lowest level of the ramp and is the staff-only parking portion of the ramp. We ask that you do not park in this portion of the ramp. Our staff have parking tags that will be monitored to ensure proper use of the ramp.


  • Bike racks will be located on P2 and L1.

The elevator in the parking ramp will not be completed until mid-December. For those who may be unable to utilize the stairs, please use the walkway on your parking level into the building and take the clinic elevator to your floor. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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