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Internist, Dr. Robert Olson

Robert Olson, MD

Healthcare Partnership

Dr. Olson is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine who values the relationships he builds with his patients. 


“I enjoy getting to know my patients and learning about their families and their lives,” he says. “I am still taking care of patients I first met back in 1989, when I joined Associated Physicians, and it is a privilege to be the doctor they count on when they have a concern.”

Expert Medical Care

At Associated Physicians, Dr. Olson provides expert primary health care services for patients throughout adulthood. He diagnoses and treats conditions ranging from sore throats and sprained ankles to chronic illnesses and serious health complications. In addition to office visits, Dr. Olson also manages nursing home care and end-of-life care for his patients.


“The continuity of medical care we provide is very important to me and to all the physicians here,” he says. “We continue to follow our patients in the nursing homes, for example, because doctors who know their patients very well can contribute to improved patient care." 

Convenient and Comprehensive

Dr. Olson received his medical degree from the University of North Dakota Medical School and completed his residency training in internal medicine at the University of Wisconsin. He and his wife have three grown children and seven grandchildren. Dr. Olson joined Associated Physicians in 1989.


“The patient isn’t just a number to us. We know that when patients come to see us, there’s usually something going on that is upsetting to them, and they want a compassionate doctor who is going to spend some time with them,” he says. “We are here to take care of patients, not to be number-counters, and that’s really the philosophy of Associated Physicians.”

Internist, Dr. Robert Olson with patient
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