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Healing House-A Beautiful Mission

Imagine, a mother gives birth and is discharged . . . to the streets or a shelter.

At Associated Physicians, we care about the well-being of everyone in our community. That is why we support Healing House. Healing House is working to open their doors to provide a safe place for a new mom and her baby or a child to heal after surgery or birth. They need your help to provide respite and long term guidance.

What is Healing House?

Healing House is a safe place that a homeless child or new mom can go to heal after surgery or birth. On average, 70-90 homeless mothers give birth every year in our community and they are discharged back onto the street or to a shelter. The staff at Healing House will dedicate their time to providing medical respite services for homeless families with an immediate member in need of ongoing care during recovery.

These well trained and compassionate staff members will be onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who will ensure a brighter, more stable future through referrals to medical care and case management. In addition to benefiting families in need, Healing House seeks to benefit the public through significant cost-saving outcomes for local hospitals and communities. They would be the first medical respite in Wisconsin.

How is AP involved?

We have partnered with United Madison and are sponsoring a campaign to bring attention to Healing House because we believe that everyone in our community deserves a safe place to heal! We have faith in their vision and will continue to give our full volunteer support until their goals are met.

How can I help?


Healing House has a number of opportunities for those who would like to donate their time: The Advisory Committee, Children's Activities, Drivers, Program Staff, and Health and Nutrition.


Any gift will go a long way to open the doors to Healing House. You can send cash or check, stocks or bonds, construction materials, equipment, and furnishings.

Campaign Budget Information

$250,000: Renovations

$750,000: First year operations

$1,000,000: Total campaign goal


Is your business looking to get involved in the community? Healing House is always in need of support from businesses seeking to make a difference. Join Associated Physicians, and many other businesses, in standing together with Healing House.

Join Events

Healing House would love to have you join them at an event. You will find their online calendar on their website HERE.

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