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Doctor-Approved April Fool's Pranks 🤡

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

We love a good (harmless) prank at Associated Physicians! Whether it's googly eyes all over our workstations or placing a donut box filled with veggies in the breakroom (NOT pandemic safe), we love them all! We wanted to share with you some of our favorites from Scrubs Mag.


“The favorite one around where I work is to send students or newbies to the supply room or to another department looking for left-handed syringes.” —Jennifer C.

“Drank apple juice from a male urinal in front of coworkers. The horror on their faces….good times.” —Robin A.

“Took a deceased patient to the morgue on Halloween night, no less, and the security guard jumped out of the chest freezer screaming. Needless to say, my coworker had to run home and get dry pants.” —Amanda N.

“Take the ball out of the old-fashioned computer mouse…” —Diane G.

“I put my phone in the lab refrigerator and called it before the lab guy opened it up to get samples out. The phone meows to ring. The look on his face still sticks with me.” —Joy B.

“Got the ward clerk to take ‘air hygiene samples’ by waving a sample pot in the air in each of the bays and side rooms.” —Chris G.

“Love telling doctors I’m concerned about the urine sample, sipping apple juice from a specimen cup and saying it tastes funny.” —Karen L.

“I once rolled up a Mars bar until it was soft and the shape of a poo…put it on the floor and when another nurse came along told them to watch out for the ‘poo,’ then picked it up and took a bite.” —Clare H.

“One of my coworkers on April Fools’ Day had every patient on the unit turn their call lights on at the same time. The coordination and cooperation was unbelievable. I just stood in the hallway flabbergasted and terrified!” —Krysta L.

“We put KY on the desk phone earpiece and paged the charge nurse to answer a call.” —Gina S.


Do you have a funny prank idea or story? Drop it in the comments below!

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