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Looking for updates on the outbreak, testing, the vaccine, or clinic policies and procedures? You're in the right place!

If you have specific questions pertaining to an exposure or another COVID-19 related patient-specific need, please contact the clinic at (608) 233-9746 or send your care team a message on MyUnityPoint.

Clinic Policies and Procedures

Visitor Requirements

  • Pediatrics: 2 parents/guardians. NO SIBLINGS. 

  • OB/GYN: 1 adult partner at the FIRST OB visit only.

  • All Other Appointments: NO VISITORS OR ACCOMPANYING CHILDREN. 1 adult visitor will be allowed for those with special support needs.


ALL VISITORS MUST remain in the exam room. No waiting in the waiting room/lobby areas. 

PPE Requirements

ANY VALVE OR CLOTH MASKS WORN will need to be replaced or covered by one of the above barrier masks. Patient Services will provide adult and pediatric barrier masks to those who need them. 

In-Person Appointments


  • At this time, we will not be taking "walk-ins." Please call first to schedule any appointments you may need. This includes lab and radiology.

  • When you arrive at the clinic, STAY IN YOUR CAR, and call the direct check-in line at 608-640-4950. Follow the prompts to be connected to the correct department for check-in and stay on the line until your call is answered. Registration staff will check you in and alert clinical staff of your arrival. When clinical staff is ready, they will reach out to you for further instructions.

Telemedicine Appointments

  • Information, instructions for use, and troubleshooting for our telemedicine provider, Zoom, can be found HERE.

  • When you schedule your appointment, you will be sent a Zoom link. Sometimes, these emails end up in a “Spam” or “Junk” box. Please check there if it does not come to your inbox. If you still are unable to find the emailed link, call the clinic and we will assist you.

  • 15 minutes prior to your telemedicine appointment, please call the direct check-in line at 608-640-4950 and follow the prompts to be connected to the correct department for check-in. Please stay on the line until the call is answered. Registration staff will check you in and alert clinical staff that you are ready to begin your appointment.



  • To reduce touchpoints in the clinic, we are utilizing a virtual document signing service called DocuSign. If there are documents that you need to sign, our staff will send these to the email you have on file. 


Associated Physicians is able to test for both COVID-19 and antibodies.


  • Due to staffing, space, and supplies, we can only test those WITH COVID-19 symptoms at this time. ​If you have symptoms, please call (608) 233-9746 for screening and scheduling. 

  • If you have NO symptoms but want to be tested, please see testing information and locations from Public Health MDC.

  • You should receive your results within 1-4 days of testing.

For any questions related to exposure or testing, please call us at (608) 233-9746 or send your care team a message through MyUnityPoint.

Associated Physicians COVID-19 Test Pricing



Our staff is now calling to schedule those 80-84 years of age for the COVID-19 vaccine. We are unable to make exceptions. Due to the large volume of individuals who are eligible for the vaccine and the limited supply of vaccines available, it may still be some time before we are able to schedule everyone for a vaccination. Rest assured that if a friend or family member is contacted first, you have not been missed. We are working through this list as quickly as possible so that we can continue expanding our offerings. We do not have any further information than this. All updates will be given through our Facebook and Instagram, and posted on this page. Additionally, if you are a site member or subscriber, you will receive an email update.

Please note, we DO NOT have any information regarding the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine for patients who do not meet our current criteria. We are asking that you DO NOT call the clinic to inquire about the COVID-19 vaccine, this page is updated as soon as information becomes available. We genuinely cannot stress enough that our phones continue to be dangerously inundated with calls. Right now, we are continuing to work proactively on distribution workflows, but we are unable to provide a timeline. Please see below for the most up to date information on a vaccine.

Continue wearing a face covering, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently to help reduce your risk of COVID-19. 


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