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Covid 19


Looking for updates on the outbreak, testing, the vaccine, or clinic policies and procedures? You're in the right place!

If you have concerns pertaining to an exposure or symptoms, please contact the clinic at (608) 233-9746 or send your care team a message on MyUnityPoint. 

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Vaccine & Treatment

Latest updates regarding distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters or oral antiviral treatment at Associated Physicians.

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Clinic Policies

Information regarding masking, checking-in for appointments, and visitor requirements.

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Testing & Prevention

Information on testing for COVID-19 at Associated Physicians as well as details on determining when to quarantine and when to isolate.

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Our Community Plea

Plea Video

Six of our staff members and physicians went out of their comfort zones to share with you their thoughts and feelings about what’s been going on at our clinic as a result of the ongoing pandemic. We commend their strength in being so vulnerable to give the community a glimpse into what is causing so much burnout in our industry—even at the outpatient, primary care level. We are coming to you on our knees and appreciate you for listening to our plea.

Covid 19
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