COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatment Information

Updated as of May 24, 2022

We understand how serious COVID-19 is and are eager to get our patients vaccinated and treated as soon as possible. Our current workflow could change rapidly based on state and federal decisions and available supply. Even scheduled appointments may need to be adjusted without much notice. We ask for your continued patience and appreciate your understanding as we all navigate this situation together.

COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment:

Oral and intravenous (IV) antiviral therapies are available to patients at risk for severe disease. These medications are not available over the counter and must be prescribed. If you are unsure of your eligibility or considered at risk for severe disease, please talk to your physician to see which COVID-19 treatment or medication may be right for you.

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COVID-19 Vaccines:

Associated Physicians can only provide COVID-19 vaccinations to those who have completed their new patient appointment and have had an appointment within the past three years, and who meet certain eligibility criteria depending on the dose they are seeking. Please note, as Associated Physicians only carries the Pfizer vaccine, our criteria are based on Pfizer-specific approved recommendations as well as public health guidelines. CLICK HERE for information on mixing COVID-19 vaccines.



Patients ages 5 years and older:

Patients who have still not received their initial vaccine doses may call the clinic to inquire about scheduling. Please note, the Department of Health remains focused on a community model for vaccine distribution, so our quantity may be limited; however, we are encouraging our patients to take the first opportunity that presents itself to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Please continue checking our COVID-19 webpage for updates as this may be subject to change, and utilize the Vaccine Finder tool for options near you. 

Patients ages 6 months-4 years:

We are aware of the situation regarding COVID-19 vaccinations for children 6 months to 4 years old. Our COVID-19 response team attends weekly COVID-19 vaccine update meetings with Public Health officials and is actively planning for the approval of the vaccine for this age group.


As we plan, we make sure that all facets of our approach are properly aligned before communicating any details with the public. Each new vaccine rollout poses different challenges and requires a customized approach to ensure resources, staffing, and other necessary factors are in place for safety and efficiency. We understand and are sensitive to the patients and their families who are anxiously waiting for their young children to be eligible for vaccination against COVID-19 and will put out details as soon as we are able.


We are scheduling COVID-19 first boosters (a third dose for Pfizer and Moderna recipients or a second dose for Johnson and Johnson recipients) by appointment only. Patients meeting the criteria below can schedule their first booster dose by calling the clinic.

  • Be 5 years of age or older

Pfizer and Moderna Recipients:

  • Your second dose must have been given at least 5 months ago.


Johnson & Johnson Recipients:

  • Your first Johnson & Johnson dose must have been given at least 2 months ago.


We are scheduling COVID-19 second boosters (a fourth dose for Pfizer and Moderna recipients or a third dose for Johnson and Johnson recipients) by appointment only. Patients meeting the criteria below can schedule their second booster dose by calling the clinic.

  • Received FIRST booster dose at least 4 months ago

  • Ages 50 years and older.

  • Ages 18 years and older AND received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as both their primary dose and booster dose.

  • Ages 12 years and older AND have undergone solid organ transplants or are otherwise considered immunocompromised.

    • If you are unsure if you or your child is considered immunocompromised, please speak to your care team.​

If you or your child have already received a COVID-19 vaccine dose or are scheduled to do so soon, there is no need to call or send us a MyUnityPoint message to let us know. COVID-19 vaccinations given in the state of Wisconsin will be added to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry no matter where they are given.  ⁣

We appreciate your continued patience. We understand this has been a long and confusing process for everyone. We will continue to advocate for our patients to get vaccinated in a safe and timely way through any available resource.


All updates will be given through our Facebook and Instagram, and posted on this page. Additionally, if you are a site member or subscriber, you will receive an email update. Please see below for the most up-to-date information on local and national vaccine status.

Find A Vaccine Near You

COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

Click the "Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You" link in the CDC tool box to the right (below on mobile) to use the CDC's Vaccine Finder tool to find a vaccine in your area.