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Pediatrician, Dr. John Marchant

John Marchant, MD

Care for All Children

Dr. Marchant is a board-certified pediatrician dedicated to enhancing the health of his patients as they grow from birth into adulthood. He is also a devoted advocate for improving access to high-quality health care for all children.

“I think it’s imperative for kids to get strong medical care,” he says. “I enjoy being an advocate for children and helping parents or guardians give their kids a healthy life."

A Janesville native, Dr. Marchant earned a degree in mechanical engineering with a biomedical engineering emphasis at the University of Minnesota and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Medical School. He worked in private practice and multi-specialty physician groups in Colorado and Texas, before returning to Madison in 2014 as a pediatric hospitalist. He’s glad to be back. “Madison is not too big,” he says. “There is easy access to the outdoors, the people are friendly and open-minded, and the restaurants are great.”

Support for Every Child

Dr. Marchant provides comprehensive pediatric care for all ages, from wellness checkups and athletic injuries to treatment of complicating illnesses.

“I like being part of childhood development through health and sickness, and each age makes my practice enjoyable and interesting,” he says. “Babies change the quickest. I like the imagination that sparks in preschoolers and grade schoolers. Being part of caring for middle school kids is gratifying, because that is the age when kids start to feel their way in the world. And it is rewarding to help high schoolers set and pursue healthful goals.

Teamwork for Patients

A teamwork approach and an outstanding reputation for providing multi-specialty care drew Dr. Marchant to Associated Physicians.

“Having previously co-founded a pediatric inpatient service, I know this specialty practice well,” he says. “Associated Physicians is so well-regarded in the community, and I appreciate that patients can see a variety of specialists while still receiving the excellent one-on-one care we provide.”

Pediatrician, Dr. John Marchant examining patient who is blowing bubbles
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