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11.30.18 Ask Us Anything

Thanks for all the questions! Your answers are below. Want to join in on the next #AMA? Make sure you’re following us on Instagram (@apmadisonllp) and tune in to our story every month on the last Friday from 6pm-8pm CST.


Are you open on Saturdays?

Yes, we are! In fact, we are open from 8am-12pm on Saturdays.

How many grandchildren does Dr. Olson have now?

Dr. Olson is a proud grandfather of SEVEN! Learn more about him here:

Do you have any open positions for staff?

Yes! Actually, we are taking applications for an LPN/CMA for our Internal Medicine department. Learn more about working for Associated Physicians by visiting our Careers page here:

Does Dr. Sia speak other languages?

She sure does! Dr. Sia hails from the Philippines and speaks Tagalog. In fact, many of our staff members speak other languages. Learn more about Dr. Sia here:

Do you have a parking lot or is it on the street?

We have a parking lot for our patients to use. Our staff and physicians park elsewhere for your convenience (so you’ll always find a spot).

Did you move Physical Therapy?

Yes! We renovated a space in the Lower Level of our main clinic for Physical Therapy to use. We wanted our Physical Therapy patients to have a dedicated space with more direct ramp access.

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