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Elma Sia, MD

RETIRING 12/19/2019

Listening to Children

Dr. Sia is a specialist in Pediatric Medicine who enjoys talking with her patients. Even very young children, she says, are open and eloquent about their physical and emotional health. 


“I enjoy talking with the kids so much because they are very honest about what they think and what they feel,” she says. “That helps me, as their doctor, to understand what might be going on with their health.”

Personalized Pediatric Care

At Associated Physicians, Dr. Sia provides comprehensive primary health care services for infants, children, teens and young adults. She performs well-baby checkups and school physicals, and diagnoses and treats conditions ranging from rashes and ear infections to chronic and serious health problems.


“I went into medicine because I think it is one of the noblest professions and you can be of service anywhere around the world,” she says. “I chose to specialize in pediatrics because children are such interesting people, and every age is special to me.”

Convenient and Comprehensive

Dr. Sia is a graduate of the University of the East in the Philippines. She completed her pediatric residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago and then completed a year-long fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Sia and her husband have a son and a daughter. She joined Associated Physicians in 1990.


“Associated Physicians is patient-centered, so I am able to practice pediatrics the way that I think is best for my patients,” she says. “We don’t do number-crunching here, which means I can spend more time with my patients and get to know them better.”