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Silly Holiday Stories from us at AP

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

Who took the tree?

“One Christmas, we thought we lost our 12-foot Christmas Tree! We looked everywhere for it. My husband thought it was stolen, we thought our kids might have put boxes on top of it… We were so bummed out and thought we were going to have to buy a whole new tree. It turns out that we ended up just hiding it really well from ourselves…”

-Terri Carufel-Wert, Executive Director

Santa's Bananas

“On Christmas Eve, Grandma and Grandpa would put a banana on the porch. The kids would keep checking the porch because, if the banana was gone, then Santa had come through and they could run outside and get presents.”

-Kathy Griswold, Medical Assistant

Worst Sweater Ever

"My family has an ugly sweater contest every year. One year, there was even a sweater from Ragstock with old food on it!”

-Sara Roberts, Insurance Representative

Who's next?

“On Christmas Eve, unmarried individuals will stand with their back to a door and throw a slipper over their right shoulder. If the slipper goes straight to the door, it means they will be getting married in the upcoming year!”

-Jurate Lynaugh, Accounting Specialist

Custard and Creativity

"My boys and I always go out and get Culvers' Concrete Mixers before we drive around and check out all of the Holiday displays."

-Tracy Wentz, Medical Assistant

Did I miss him?

"When I was little, I never wanted to go to Christmas Eve church service. It wasn't because I was bored or tired, I just thought that I was going to miss Santa at home."

-Carol Brenner, Insurance Representative

Santa Claws

"We didn't have our usual Santa around, so our cat stepped up to fill the role. We couldn't thank him enough for his generosity volunteering to uphold the family tradition."

-Capriana Copus, Executive Assistant

Happy Holidays AP!

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