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READ ME before making your 2019 resolutions.

Every year we like to try and reinvent ourselves, but a new study actually found that most of us give up on our goals by JANUARY 12th!

I know... I know... We really can't keep it together for 2 weeks? Well... that's not exactly it. The fact is, we just aren't giving ourselves enough credit for what we HAVE done.


Buddha said "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." We LOVE this quote because it highlights the importance of living in the moment and celebrating the little things. Take one moment right now to think about the fact that you woke up this morning. THAT'S AMAZING! How about the fact that you are able to access this blog right now? WONDERFUL! Many people around the world don't have internet at all. Even as you begin to work on your goals for the new year, make sure that you are checking your mindfulness every day...

Ask yourself:


Now that we've tackled your frame of mind, let's talk about how to celebrate those small victories, because, trust us, it is SO much easier said than done.

1. Monitor, Reflect, and Take Stock

Much like food journaling can help with correcting poor eating behaviors, self-care journaling can help you stay mentally and emotionally on track. Take the time each day to jot down both positive AND negative things you did (made a new recipe, stayed up too late, went for a walk etc.) and how you were feeling/what you were thinking at the time. At the end of the week, take a moment to go through your week and look at it through an objective lens. What worked? What didn't work? How can I improve this negative behavior? How can I repeat this positive behavior? Making journaling a habit will help you connect with yourself and make your realize that some of those things you beat yourself up for weren't as bad as you thought. YOU GOT THIS!

2. Break big goals into smaller goals

Make a list of all of your smaller goals, could be 10 things, could be 100, and set a reward for checking each item off. Here's an example:

A) Clean out closet and donate old clothes- Buy new watch!

B) Go for a run two times this week- Watch that movie you've been meaning to watch!

C) Sign up and go to 5 yoga sessions- Get your nails done!


-Don't set an unrealistic timeline for your goals

-Don't let your rewards derail your goals!

Also, save your checklist to remind yourself of all of your accomplishments. Scrapbooking anyone??

3. Reach out to trusted friends and family

Involving your "support circle" in your goals is a great way to keep yourself on track AND acknowledge those successes. People who love and care about you will be excited to let you know how far you've come and share in those victories with you!


There you have it! Get out there, set those goals, and love yourself through it all! Want help setting and sticking to those resolutions? Check out this article:

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