Winter Car Survival Kit

Even though the first day of winter isn't until Friday (we know, right?...weird), it's COLD OUTSIDE! AND it's the time of year where everybody's traveling to see loved ones, scrambling for last minute groceries and gifts, or just on the road working hard to close out their 2018 responsibilities. That's a whole lot of traffic and just whole lot of busyness. We know that if you're a new winter driver, an overly cautious winter driver, or even a seasoned winter driving veteran, it can get scary out there, and we want you to be safe! So keep scrolling to find out what you need to pack in your vehicle this winter to prepare for a fun, and worry free Wisconsin winter car ride.

1. Flashlight- High powered, reliable, and easily identifiable.

2. Assorted Batteries- Not JUST for the flashlight.