Summer Family Adventure Guide ☀️

Summer break was once one of the most exciting times EVER! It was just a series of seemingly endless journeys led by our free spirits... Now that we're parents, though, we've passed those carefree days on to our kiddos. In summer, we can now expect to take on all kinds of fun parental roles including activity coordinator, lifeguard, chef, EMT, professional athlete, and/or (sometimes) prison warden. BUT, before you put on those various summertime hats, make sure you've read through our Summer Family Adventure Guide!

Road Trips

Any successful road trip requires more than just the "I Spy" game. Try these tips to keep everyone happy and healthy the whole way!

1. Get out of the car!

That's right! A successful road trip with kids involves ample breaks. Check out your route ahead of time and put some fun stops on the itinerary. Maybe a fifteen minute park session? Or how about a picture with the worlds largest ball of twine?

(Best American Roadside Attractions-MUST SEE!)

2. Don't skimp on the snacks!

Pack your own snacks, don't just rely on fast food to quell the rumbles of hungry tummies.

(Healthy, Kid-Friendly, Road Trip Snacks!)

3. Activities, activities, activities.

Did I say that enough? Here's one for the road...ACTIVITIES! I'm talking iPads, and Kindles, and Play-N'-Gos, OH MY! Whether it's an audiobook, a gaming system, or a jam session to a Disney playlist you've heard a million times, you're going to want to be sure that you pack enough fun stuff to get you to your destination and back like seven times. If you have a set amount of media time for your children, check out the link below for....

(20 Awesome (Non-Media) Road Trip Activities for Kids)

4. Get comfy!