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Potty Training 101

Yes, everybody poops, but trying to explain to your little one that, no, not everybody poops in a diaper forever can be frustrating...

Read on for what you'll need to know from start to finish in this Potty Training Guide!


1. Identify the Right Time to Start

This may be the most difficult step, but it's the most important. Behaviors that signal that your child is ready for potty training are:

  • They have fewer wet diapers

  • They are particularly aggravated by dirty diapers

  • They have more regular "number 2's"

  • They tell you about their bodily functions (verbally or non-verbally)

  • They get undressed by themselves

  • They understand your family's "potty words"

2. Start out on the Right Foot

Setting your child up for success involves active participation from you.

  • Make sure that clothing is easy to remove (try zippers instead of buttons, dresses instead of pants, etc.).

  • Pick the best potty for your kiddo. Some children prefer their own potty, while others are partial to a little potty seat. All things considered, if your child is comfortable, potty time will go a lot smoother.

  • Give pull-ups a try! They are great for those in between stages and get your kiddo used to that underwear sensation. Be careful not too rely on them too much because they are still super absorbent and may set your child back on their training.

  • Don't fight the resistance! If your kiddo is absolutely against the training, it's okay to stay in diapers and revisit the topic in a few weeks. Potty training trauma can be a real thing!

  • Praise, praise, praise! Whether you come up with a reward system or you just have a fun little potty song, your child will learn to associate good potty behavior with fun and excitement!

3. Be consistent!

Potty training takes patience. Some days will be better than others and THAT'S OKAY! Just stick to your routine, use the same family "potty words" and, before you know it, you'll have a potty trained kiddo!


If you need help with any of these steps, let us know! We have been here with our own kids and, trust us, we KNOW the struggle. We are just a click or a call away! 🤗

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