#QuaranTeam: Tips for New Mamas

Dealing with this pandemic and all its ups and downs has been overwhelming. We try our best to stay sane and regain some sense of normalcy, but as things start to open back up, we are really realizing just how different our world is going to be. Nobody knows this better than first-time moms. Bringing a new life into the world in and of itself can be nerve-wracking, so with all this chaos and all these changes, it just makes the journey that much more daunting. DON'T FRET THOUGH SUPER MAMAS! We've got you with these tips!

Get Connected

The time for regular physical gatherings has temporarily been suspended, BUT, we can (and should) still stay in touch with others virtually! Take advantage of social media. There are so many local and national Facebook groups, Instagram pages, and Twitter accounts with new moms out there just like you. You don't have to go through this on your own. There are also apps you can download like The Bump or What To Expect that have message boards and forums where you can swap stories, find advice, and learn some awesome pregnancy and parenting hacks! What's so awesome about apps like these is you also get a fun baby tracker, coupons and discounts, and countless recommendations for products from real moms like you!

Get out there and find your #MomSquad!

Don't Skip the Exercise

Depending on where you are during pregnancy or post-partum, you may need to take a bit easier than usual, but (unless your doc tells you otherwise) don't get too sedentary! Whether it's a walk around the block, some gentle prenatal yoga, or a quick and easy bike ride, moving your body releases stress and helps promote a healthier lifestyle for you and baby!

Take Time for Self-Care

It's easy to get so wrapped up in all the negativity in the world around us and forget about our own needs, but your mental health is too important to overlook. Here are some easy suggestions that definitely count as self-care:

  1. 1. Take a nap- If you're still waiting for baby to arrive, don't feel guilty if your days are getting shorter. You're not lazy, just busy creating a huma