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Meet Dr. Amanda Schwartz

Dr. Amanda Schwartz began her career at Associated Physicians in August 2017!

A little history on Dr. Amanda...

Dr. Amanda Schwartz is from a suburb of Portland, OR:

“I loved it! My dad was a police officer, but thankfully I was never in too much trouble. Portland feels a lot like Madison, but bigger and no winters! I had more days off of school for the threat of snow rather than actual snow days.”

She went to Oregon State for her undergrad and majored in microbiology.

“I’m a big Beaver fan! My dad went there so the family connection is why I went.”

She proceeded to medical school at the University of Vermont:

“I just wanted to get out of Oregon and experience something new. One of my undergrad mentors thought that it was a great program and when I went, I fell in love.”

Dr. Schwartz had an influential figure at medical school that guided her in the OB/GYN direction:

“My mentor, Dr. Elise Everett, was a gynecologic oncologist. In my third year, she revamped the program and was very supportive of those who wanted to go into OB/GYN. She was the first one who really encouraged and helped me. She was just an awesome surgeon and learning from her was one of the reasons I went into OB/GYN.”

What motivates & inspires you most about what you do?

“I like being able to form a relationship with women from pregnancy through menopause. I am excited that I get to continue to work with people who helped train me. They are such great doctors and being considered worthy of joining their practice was such an awesome feeling. They also have a wonderful population of people to work with. Something that gives me a sense of inspiration is the fact that we are dealing with new life. You get to help all of these patients bring their children into the world and navigate their pregnancy. I get to be the first person who helps impacts that child’s life medically! I also enjoy getting to educate people and help them make better decisions.”

What personal goals do you want to achieve in your work?

“In general, I am trying to find the perfect work-life balance. To be really good for my patients, I know that I have to take care of myself too. It’s all about figuring out where that is.”

What led to becoming an OB/GYN at Associated Physicians?

“I went to medical school thinking that OB/GYN was the last thing that I would ever do. When I got to do procedures along with getting to follow people in clinic, building relationships, and being hands on, I really enjoyed it. I was totally shocked! I didn’t expect it at all. At Associated Physicians, I get to work with wonderful physicians who have such a great focus on their work-life balance. I never felt that anyone here was unhappy.”

What lessons have you learned that you want to share with patients?

“Taking care of yourself and taking a proactive stance in your healthcare is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. We can only get you so far and make so many recommendations, but really taking charge of your own healthcare is how you’re going to live your best life. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. There is nothing I haven’t seen and no question is too shocking. If you’re embarrassed, nervous, or anxious about something, you should feel okay telling us. We will work with that.”

What advice would you give to a future OB/GYN?

“Be proactive if you have an interest in something. If you know someone in the field, ask questions. We love answering questions! We will set up time to have you come follow along with us. Just make sure not to be judgmental. OB/GYN is not a good field to bring any pre-judgements into.”

What’s next for you?

“Something that I really love about this clinic is that they donate their time to Planned Parenthood. I hope to get involved with that. We are also looking to forward to buying a house and really getting settled in Madison.”

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