ONE shot 💉 = your child's BEST shot 🦠

Nobody looks forward to their flu shot... I mean, nobody looks forward to ANY shot, but especially not your kiddo. Some of us resort to trickery, bribery, bargaining or any number of tools in the parental persuasion kit, but the fact of the matter is, a shot can be scary. That's why we've compiled four of our greatest tips to help you ease your child's fear, because we know that the best chance you have to fend off influenza just takes one quick pinch.

Don't fight the fighter

Whether its tears, struggles, or the biggest temper tantrum to date, we've seen it all. We expect a little resistance, it's only natural, and we are always prepared. We may ask you to distract or gently restrain your child so that they are not injured while we administer the shot.

Bring a familiar comfort

A favorite blanket, stuffed animal, a book, or even just a hand to squeeze may help give your child a sense of comfort, and may make it easier for them to deal with the fear.

Set the example

If you can schedule your flu shot at the same time, your child seeing you go first may put them at ease. Of course, this only works if you can keep your cool too!

Sid the Science Kid sets a great example too! Check out the episode below on how he overcomes getting a shot!