Caring, Kindness, and Compassion #RealityCheck

The current outbreak has brought our community to a grinding halt, and many of our community members to their knees. The burdens of adapting to our new routines have brought out the best and worst of us.

We know that tensions are high for those both inside and outside of quarantine. We see it every day. Let's just say it, navigating the "Stay at Home" order is stressful. Seeing people using masks and gloves incorrectly is stressful. Hearing about infection rates, related deaths, unemployment numbers, and just about everything related to this pandemic is stressful. We all need a break, right? But, we can't go out to our favorite restaurant for a reprieve right now. We can't go see a movie for a fun night out with our kids. What we CAN do is understand that EVERYONE is going through this struggle and react with positivity.

Tips for Family Stress

Parents, we know that many of you are not used to being home with your children 24/7 and are reeling trying to step into the role of a teacher. Young adults home from college, we know you value your independence, you miss your friends, and you feel like you're missing out on your "college experience." Couples, we know the little things are seeming bigger and bigger lately. We want ALL of you to know that you CAN keep the peace, no matter how overwhelmed you get, with some small adjustments.

1. Listen, listen, listen

Nobody knows everything, particularly when it comes to how someone else is feeling. This is a great time to whip out those active listening skills!

2. Compromise

Coexistence is all about giving and taking, not just one or the other. Stay calm and brainstorm as many solutions as possible, and make sure that the chosen option is clearly understood. Then all you need to do is stick to it!

3. Set some boundaries