3 Things Your Kids NEED to Know About Food

Food. The word elicits feelings of comfort for some and stress for others. We admit, it's not always easy to eat right, but, if you're a parent, it's incredibly important. Those little eyes watching you are going to try and imitate everything you do, including those poor eating habits. SO, we've compiled the three MOST important things you and your kids need to know about food!

1.  “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Dr. Elma Sia, AP Pediatrician

Breakfast is a greatly underestimated meal. When we skip it to make it to the school bus or work on time, we don’t know how much we are missing. Eating a nutritious, well-rounded breakfast gives you and your child more energy, better memory, and more focus. Eating a balanced breakfast has also been linked to making healthier choices throughout the day!

Being deeply immersed in a frenzy of morning activities is a reality for most of us, but breakfast doesn’t have to take hours of preparation. Click HERE for some quick and easy [kid friendly] ideas for a healthy breakfast on the go!

2. “Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.” Dr. Leslie Riopel, AP Pediatrician

This advice may sound cliché, but there is honestly nothing better for you than a daily serving (or two 😉) of fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that keep you and your child in tip-top shape. Potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber, folic acid, and many more can be found in so many yummy fruits and veggies! More details HERE!