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Let's Go PINK!

Associated Physicians is going PINK for #breastcancerawareness and we'd like you to join us!


  • Talk to your doctor about screening mammography. Our skilled radiology technicians are here to make it comfortable!

  • A healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk: Don't smoke. Stay Fit. Eat Healthy.


  • Arm yourself with knowledge by asking questions and doing research!

Top 5 Breast Cancer Myths Debunked:

  1. Men can get it too.

  2. A lump doesn't necessarily mean cancer. Your doctor is the only one who can tell you.

  3. A family history of breast cancer isn't an automatic diagnosis for you.

  4. Breast cancer is not contagious.

  5. Antiperspirants and deodorants haven't been connected to breast cancer.


  • Get involved on social media and spread the word about prevention.

  • Start a team to participate in a breast cancer awareness event-walks, runs, bike rides, etc.

Keep Fighting!

  • Whether you're affected, know someone who is, or just want to be a part of the solution, we all can make a huge impact in the fact to cure cancer!

  • There are more than 3 million survivors and counting.

  • There has been a 38% decrease in breast cancer mortality in the U.S. since 1989.

Helpline Numbers:

American Cancer Society: 800.227.2345

Susan G. Komen: 877.465.6636

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