Your Baby Food Options 👶

If you've been watching the news lately, you may have seen a story floating around about toxic chemicals and heavy metals being found in 95% of those big-name, commercial baby foods. While this is certainly concerning, it's nothing new. In fact, rice cereal and even apple juice have been in the news before for this exact issue.

We want you to know that you SHOULD NOT feel bad about providing these foods to your children because we have too! They are convenient, economical, and available everywhere. In fact, most of us ate these kinds of foods ourselves when we were babies. However, we do want to give you some information on some alternatives and additives to keep your kiddo healthy and nourished. SO, we sat down with Dr. Amy Buencamino, one of our fabulous pediatricians, to give us the quick scoop on baby food!

Check out those ingredient labels!

Since rice cereal is such a controversial ingredient, the general recommendation is to select something different.

Dr. Amy Buencamino smiling

"With the rice cereal, the recommendation was to choose other options such as oatmeal and multigrain cereals, and rice-free packaged snacks." 

Change it up!

You're not the only one who needs a well-balanced diet, so keep it fresh for your baby too!

"The usual answer is to feed your children a varied diet.  In general, the less processed the foods, the better. "