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Advice from Breast Cancer Survivors

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

For #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth we asked you four big questions about your breast cancer experience whether you are a survivor, a fighter, or a family or friend. Below, we've compiled your answers. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Your words and advice will no doubt help those currently fighting. 💕

If you have an answer to one of these questions, feel free to leave it in the comments below!


1. What is one thing you wish you knew before you started treatment?

"Take everything a day at a time... don't be afraid to ask for and accept help from those that care about you..."

"Don’t rush into reconstruction. There are so many options. Take your time and explore the pros and cons of each, along with long term effects."

2. What was your biggest self-discovery or revelation after you were diagnosed?

"Sometimes I say that cancer was a gift. As much as it was a terrible struggle, I was able to see sincere and genuine love from so many people. The world can be cynical at times and it was an absolute gift to feel people let down their guard and simply love you. Really special."

3. What was the most difficult part of your journey and how did you overcome it?

"My journey led me to pursue my nursing career.  So personally, breast cancer experienced through my mom was motivational and her positive attitude was an example by which I try to live through my own challenges each day. "

"I’ve had very close friends go through breast cancer and other family members and friends battle other kinds of cancer.  It had a significant impact on them and their families, of course, but it hits friends hard as well. We all go through our busy lives but when a cancer diagnosis hits close to home, it stops us in our tracks as we quickly realize just how precious time is with those we love. A curse can become a blessing by forcing us all to stop and spend time with someone who is going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  It may mean being in their presence and sitting with them when they’re going through treatments, or bringing them a meal, treats or a gift or sitting down and chatting over a cup of coffee or sending them prayers and inspiration. But the most important is our time and our love."

"The hardest challenge I faced was trying to work while undergoing treatments. So much fatigue."

4. What advice would you give on how to best support a loved one going through breast cancer?

"Just be there. Love them. Check-in. Cheer them on. Have a positive attitude. Make them laugh. Going through cancer is hard enough. But if you have someone or even a community of people around you helping you through the fight, it makes all the difference."

"My hubby says: offer, but don’t force. Be flexible, every day can be different when she is going through treatment. Educate yourself Find an outlet! As a companion and caregiver, it is OK to need someone to talk to! Do it! And love, love, love... ❤️❤️❤️"

"Spend time with them to offer a distraction, attend doctors' appointments with them and something my friend really appreciated... I bought the book “Jesus Calling” for her so she could get daily inspiration."


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