Associated Phys - Mary Ann Picone - 11-2

Mary Ann Picone, NP

Family Wellness

Mary Ann Picone is a certified nurse practitioner dedicated to the health of her patients and their families. She specializes in women’s health and family wellness and has taught the next generation of nurses as a clinical nursing instructor.


“Nurse practitioners often specialize as physicians do—in surgery or pulmonology, for example,” she says. “I’ve always found my specialized medical practice in family primary care to be important and rewarding.”

Expert Care

Mary Ann holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Temple University and a master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She began her medical career as a public health clinical nurse after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at Baylor University in 1986.


A desire to help people become well and stay well has driven Mary Ann’s professional career and teaching career. “I went to college to help people,” she says.


As a result, her experience includes work in clinical, retail and community medical settings. She has worked as a clinical nurse specialist and a nurse practitioner in Mississippi, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Patient Health

At Associated Physicians, Mary Ann’s practice includes providing care for adult patients and managing care for patients with chronic conditions. “It’s a partnership with the patient,” she says, “and looking at the whole person is vital to helping a patient understand our roles.”


Mary Ann says, too, that Associated Physicians is a great fit for her. “Our practice offers a variety of choices,” she says. “I have expert colleagues to consult with, we have an onsite lab, and being able to make referrals within our building is a boon to patients.”

**While you may be referred to Mary Ann Picone, N.P. for a chronic health condition and/or case management, she cannot provide care as your 'Primary Care Provider (PCP)' at this time.**