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Internist, Dr. John Ewalt

John Ewalt, MD

Retiring April 2023

Health Care Partnership

Dr. Ewalt is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine who knows the value of building long-term relationships with his patients.  


“Internal Medicine is like a puzzle. It’s complex, so you listen for clues and pay a lot of attention,” he says. “Getting to know my patients well, building that trust and familiarity, is both crucial and very rewarding.”

Expert Medical Care

At Associated Physicians, Dr. Ewalt provides expert primary health care services for patients from ages 18 to 88 and beyond. He diagnoses and treats conditions ranging from sore throats and sprained ankles to chronic illnesses and serious health complications. In addition to office visits, Dr. Ewalt also manages nursing home care and end-of-life care for his patients.


“I’ve been practicing for nearly 30 years, and I do enjoy patients of all ages,” he says. “I worked for years as the medical director of a nursing home, too, and that gave me a special affinity for developing doctor-patient relationships with older people.”

Personalized Health Care

Dr. Ewalt is a graduate of Indiana University Medical School, and he completed his residency training in internal medicine at the University of Minnesota. He and his wife have four children. Dr. Ewalt served as an adjunct faculty member of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health for 15 years. He joined Associated Physicians in 1982.


“I’ve always wanted to have an impact on how medical care is delivered, and Associated Physicians is a place where an individual can make in difference in the care people receive,“ he says. “We are a partnership, so our patients get the kind of attention and personalized care that is important them. And to us.”

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