Clinic Policies and Procedures

Visitor Requirements

  • Pediatrics: 2 parents/guardians. NO SIBLINGS unless approved before the appointment by the physician or staff member. 

  • OB/GYN: 1 adult partner at the FIRST OB visit only. A newborn child can attend the appointment.

  • All Other Appointments: NO VISITORS OR ACCOMPANYING CHILDREN. 1 adult visitor will be allowed for those with special support needs.


ALL VISITORS MUST remain in the exam room. No waiting in the waiting room/lobby areas. 

PPE Requirements

In light of updated guidance from the CDC regarding masking and the fully vaccinated, it was recently announced that, effective June 2nd, Dane County’s mask mandate will not be renewed. We have always and will continue to follow CDC and Wisconsin Department of Public Health guidelines regarding COVID-19. We want our patients to know that the CDC was very specific stating that healthcare is not included in the new mask guidelines and that masks must still be worn in healthcare settings. As a medical clinic, we are in a unique position that differs from other commercial sites (i.e.: Target, Walmart, etc.). Patients come to us for care, and we absolutely have to be a safe place for all of our patients. In our clinic, we see and treat patients under the age of 12 who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine, patients that have chosen not to receive the vaccine thus far, immunosuppressed patients for whom the vaccine may be less effective, and patients who are ill or needing testing for COVID-19 or other potentially communicable diseases. We must make all patients feel safe when coming to the clinic.

We do believe that the vaccine is effective and that those who received the vaccine have an exceedingly low chance of giving one of these vulnerable patients COVID-19; however, the chance is not zero. We want to get as close to 100% protection as possible for all of our patients, which is why we are recommending all patients get the vaccine and still requiring patients over the age of 2 years old to wear either a medical-grade surgical mask OR a closed N-95/KN-95 mask in our facilities. We will continue to update our policy as we receive further guidance from the CDC and state health officials. We appreciate your continued understanding!

ANY valve or cloth masks worn into the clinic will need to be replaced or covered by one of the above barrier masks. Patient Services will provide adult and pediatric barrier masks to those who need them. 

In-Person Appointments


  • At this time, we will not be taking "walk-ins." Please call first to schedule any appointments you may need. This includes lab and radiology.​

ALL patients must call the check-in line to check-in for their appointments:

  • Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, all patients must use the check-in line to check-in for their appointments regardless of vaccination status. Upon arrival at the clinic, STAY IN THE CAR, and call the direct check-in line at 608-640-4950. Follow the prompts to be connected to the correct department for check-in and stay on the line until the call is answered. Registration staff will check the patient in and alert clinical staff of arrival. When clinical staff is ready, they will reach out for further instructions.

Telemedicine Appointments

  • Information, instructions for use, and troubleshooting for our telemedicine provider, Zoom, can be found HERE.

  • When you schedule your appointment, you will be sent a Zoom link. Sometimes, these emails end up in a “Spam” or “Junk” box. Please check there if it does not come to your inbox. If you still are unable to find the emailed link, call the clinic and we will assist you.

  • 15 minutes prior to your telemedicine appointment, please call the direct check-in line at 608-640-4950 and follow the prompts to be connected to the correct department for check-in. Please stay on the line until the call is answered. Registration staff will check you in and alert clinical staff that you are ready to begin your appointment.



  • To reduce touchpoints in the clinic, we are utilizing a virtual document signing service called DocuSign. If there are documents that you need to sign, our staff will send these to the email you have on file.